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Air Canada Airbus A220-300 Unveiling

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Air Canada's Airbus A220-300 on display for the crowd at the airlines headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. The first revenue flight takes place January 16th from Montreal-Calgary. (Image/ Nick Chute)

Montreal - On January 15th, 2020 Canadian flagship airline Air Canada unveiled to the public, media and company employees their brand new Airbus A220-300. During a stunning event which took place at the airlines headquarters, members of the media and public had the opportunity to tour inside the cabin of the A220 as well as speak with company employees and executives about their new addition to the fleet.

We had the pleasure of being invited to fly to Montreal to check out the new aircraft before entering into service on January 16th, one day after the unveiling event. First impressions are always important and Air Canada nailed their presentation, with a gorgeous setup with lighting, music, food, beverages and everything in-between.


Before the opening ceremonies, we had the opportunity to tour the cabin with limited people inside, giving us a chance to check out economy and business class seating.

Air Canada's A220-300 cabin features a 3-2 configuration, with an economy and business class. Within the airlines economy cabin, preferred seating for extra legroom and seat space are also offered. The A220s cabin is very new, with in-flight entertainment systems at the back of every seat in the aircraft. Wi-Fi is also offered on-board and we were told its top of the line for speed and reliability.


Economy class is spacious for a narrowbody airplane, offering plenty of legroom space and an extra wide aisle due to the 3-2 configuration. I had the chance to sit in many of the seats and test out its comfort and for the average build person, your ride will be very comfortable. I'd recommend if you're on the taller side, purchase preferred seating as it offers plenty of additional legroom (pictured below - seat 12A).

The cabin features a beautiful lighting display on the roof of the cabin, which gives off a very calming vibe. The bathrooms are located at the aft section of the aircraft, at the very back of the cabin. There's two of them available and they were quite spacious for the average person. For a narrowbody airplane, the A220 is much more spacious and comfortable compared to anything else offered in the Air Canada fleet. Each seat features in the seat pocket items, such as the safety card, Wi-Fi instructions along with other usual Air Canada items you'd find on any other flight.


Air Canada's A220-300 features a 2-2 business class configuration at the front of the cabin. The business class seats feature in-flight entertainment at the back of every seat.

As an aside, the in-flight entertainment systems are very fast and have plenty of new options on-board, you'll have to fly the aircraft to check those out!

Air Canada's A220-300 business class layout features a 2-2 configuration and 12 total seats. (Image/ Nick Chute)

The seats are extra wide, and offer plenty of legroom. If you're an aviation enthusiast or you value your window seat, row 2 and 3 are your best options for an excellent engine view of the airplane.

The Event

Executives with Air Canada, Airbus and Bombardier spoke to the crowd explaining their excitement for the new airplane and thanking the many people involved in the program from start to finish. It was an absolute blast being able to see many people who are responsible for the everyday operation of the airline ensuring people reach their destinations daily.

I want to take the time to thank Air Canada for inviting me to Montreal to their amazing event. Their generosity and amazing accommodations made this a wonderful trip. The companies dedication to the aviation industry is unmatched, and their treatment of the media and public was exceptional. The Airbus A220 speaks for itself and I truly believe that Airbus has gained a huge winner in their fleet. Air Canada has also acquired what I believe will quickly become the airlines most popular ride.

You can fly the Air Canada A220-300 out of Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and many other destinations up until May when the official launch routes to San Jose and Seattle take place.

We will be flying the A220-300 from Toronto to Montreal and return on January 19th, 2020 and will be providing a full video and written review to give you our unbiased and raw flight experience.

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